AT-TaKallum Arabic Teaching Set Offer.

A New Comprehensive Modern Arabic Course Book for Foreigners.

AttaKallum series is distinguished by its adoption of modern teaching techniques, and its step-by-step approach from easy to difficult, which makes learners feel comfortable and ready to take on the challenge of learning a new language.
• Uses Modern Standart Arabic (MSA).
• Is multicultural with an emphasis on Arabic Culture.
• Uses the practical Arabic for everyday communication in Egypt and the Middle East.
• Includes topics with a focus on daily life.
• Uses a variety of activity types and exercises to motivate students.
• Applies all the latest methods used for teaching English as a foreign language.
• Presents grammar rules in a logical manner and in increasing order of difficulty.
• Includes comprehensive practice of all four skills to build students’ confidence.

✧ Starter A1 (SB + WB) التمهيدي
✧ Elementary A2 (SB + WB) الأساسي
✧ Pre-Intermediate B1 (SB + WB) قبل المتوسط
✧ Intermediate B2 (SB + WB) +CD المتوسط

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