AT-TaKallum Arabic Teaching Set Offer.

A New Comprehensive Modern Arabic Course Book for Foreigners.

AttaKallum series is distinguished by its adoption of modern teaching techniques, and its step-by-step approach from easy to difficult, which makes learners feel comfortable and ready to take on the challenge of learning a new language.
• Uses Modern Standart Arabic (MSA).
• Is multicultural with an emphasis on Arabic Culture.
• Uses the practical Arabic for everyday communication in Egypt and the Middle East.
• Includes topics with a focus on daily life.
• Uses a variety of activity types and exercises to motivate students.
• Applies all the latest methods used for teaching English as a foreign language.
• Presents grammar rules in a logical manner and in increasing order of difficulty.
• Includes comprehensive practice of all four skills to build students’ confidence.

✧ Starter A1 (SB + WB) التمهيدي
✧ Elementary A2 (SB + WB) الأساسي
✧ Pre-Intermediate B1 (SB + WB) قبل المتوسط
✧ Intermediate B2 (SB + WB) +CD المتوسط

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At-Takallum Set: A Comprehensive Modern Arabic Course Innovative Approach.
Student’s Book & Activity Book. A Young Adult / Adult Coursebook Series teaching Arabic as a foreign language with a modern communicative approach.

Language teaching & learning material & coursework

At-Takallum A New Comprehensive Arabic Course uses modern teaching techniques which is supported and integrated by digital media and a website.With its up-to-date teaching techniques, its simple-to-complex approach that helps learners to feel comfortable and ready to face the challenge of learning a new language,its illustrative artwork, its simple and easy-to follow the layout, along with high quality print and supported by dedicated online materials including skills practice, and progress tests and glossaries in 20 languages to support both students and teachers.

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